Sequential Events

A set of instructions carried out one after another, usually top to bottom or left to right on a screen.

In the above example, students are asked to use block coding to create a sequence (another synonymous word that is important would be algorithm) that will get Angry Bird to the Pig. The video below shows the process for creating the sequence or algorithm. This example corresponds with Mathematics Grade 1 C3.1 and E1.4/1.5.

Grade 1 Sequencing prt1.m4v

In the above example, students are asked to alter existing code that is already placed in sequence. The video below shows that the code will work without removing the final "S" block however, for the code to be executed efficiently, students must debug by deleting the final "S" block. This example relates to the Grade 1 C3.2 curriculum.

Grade 1 Sequencing.m4v

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To practice with sequential events, access this sample activity from Course B of ⤵️